IMPORTANT: Patreon updated to monthly
Hello folks,

As I mentioned in my last update, I have been seriously considering switching to monthly payments to avoid the doubt and agonizing that comes with trying to figure out whether things I want to post are worth charging. I feel like it's really hampered my progress and made me more judgmental and critical of my own work than I want to be. I'd like to go back to a place of joy where I share things not because they are worth or not worth charging, but because I am happy to be working in Birdverse (my favorite world) and to be sharing ongoing work with you.

The Patreon has been switched to monthly payments.

Please review your pledge level and make sure that you are pledging at the level comfortable to you. 

I have updated the main page with more description of what I'm doing and a list of publicly available work:

I tweaked the pledge levels slightly. Those of you who signed up for postcards will receive them, but I will no longer be offering postcards going forward - this year has been hard for my mental health and it's easier to do e-rewards than physical ones.

Thank you very much, as always, for supporting my work. Your pledges help me and encourage me to continue working.

much light,


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