Hey, everyone! Gotta talk to ya.

Back when we first started releasing the Zoolaverse shorts last year, we in charge of the studio all discussed it and decided that it wouldn't be fair to charge patrons for something that was under a certain length of time. We decided that 6 minutes, not including the credits song, would be a fair minimum length for us to start charging patrons for a short.

But we've been releasing shorts for a few months now, and we've decided that was a mistake. Our mistake was that we capped it at the length of the short, not the effort taken to make it.

For example, take the three shorts we've released so far. Not one of them has been long enough to charge patrons and earn money from them. Going by length, the closest one we have to being over 6 minutes is 'Stall-Mart Customer Assistance', which was the easiest one to produce; two/three voices alternating in and out with some sound filters and a couple of effects. By this point, it could take us an hour to put all that together. 'Sal's Motivational Pizzas', the shortest at just over a minute, only took a little over an hour to put together because while it had more voices, it was so short - it was still more complex than the last one. 'Mike Does Comedy' took upwards of four hours to get right after lines were recorded; it was complex, there were multiple characters talking among each other, room space to account for, it was just much more complex.

We charged for none of these, and if we used a time cap, we'd have charged for the one that took the least effort to actually make, when really we should have charged for the one that took the most effort to make and was the most complex. If we follow that, it won't be fair and it won't be what you're paying for.

So, after much deliberation and talking with several highly-experienced people in the same industry AND with second-hand advice from the founders of Patreon themselves, we've decided to remove the 6 minute standard from our campaign. For the most part, you won't notice; we won't be charging for any Zoolaverse shorts that we don't deem took enough effort to be worth your money. We'll be releasing the same shorts with the same sort of rate. The only difference is, instead of charging you for a lazy short that just happened to be long enough, we'll be charging you for complex ones that otherwise mightn't have done so.

Have a nice day, everyone! Our current patrons should stay tuned for something very special as our way to say thank you for being so patient!