Hey guys, I hope you're enjoying a great weekend. I have an important announcement for all of you today: I'm changing the charging system back to Monthly. That means that every month, you will be charged the amount you pledged for only ONCE, but you'll get access to all my public posts and the special paid posts for the whole long month. So you'll be actually spending less for more. This is also gonna change some of the rewards for some of the higher price pledges, but not to worry, they're not gonna change much. I'll be taking some time to make some changes to the page, and everything will go back to normal. I was afraid that a lot of people might be reluctant to pledge when they see that they have to pay every post I make without knowing for sure how often I post, so I think it makes sense to change it to Monthly so that more people will be interested in joining.

Again, thank you all so much for being so generous with me and my work, I really appreciate it, and hopefully you'll be even more satisfied with the exciting things to come :D.

In the mean time, please enjoy this free post of a pooping Mushroom - one of the main characters in my film RESCUE, aka my girlfriend. Just a silly cartoon I do from time to time about our silly daily life together. This is also one of the things that you'll help me creating with your pledges, so if you like this, please consider pledging to a higher option.  Thank you so much.