Important Update: "Hiatus"

So as you are probably wondering, yes, DYKA is going on “somewhat” of a hiatus, or rather, the DYKA “show” specifically is going on hiatus, and for the foreseeable future will not have a set schedule like it has in the past. As such, the patreon will be changing from “Per Month” to “Per Video” so you, the great folks who have supported us, will only be charged when a video actually does go up. The tier prices will not change since, as we go forward, videos will be more infrequent.

First and foremost: Is DYKA stopping? No! The channel will still be here, and I (Mike) will still be on social media, and I also have other plans for the brand that I’ll talk about below, but there are a couple of very important reasons that have all culminated together at the same time that have really pushed me to put the show’s regular schedule on hiatus.

  1. School: Both myself and Jon Lobo (writer) are going back to school this fall to pursue higher learning. School takes up a LOT of time in order to be successful, and while I mentioned before that the DYKA channel won’t be stopping, having a release schedule of 1 video with a different narrator every time (coordinating schedules of YouTubers and internet personalities, not to mention very busy professional voice actors), every 2 weeks, with a brand new anime, for 6 months, is quite frankly, a brutal schedule that takes up almost every moment of free time you have in-between work and other life things.
  2. YouTube’s Algorithm: This has been a point of contention for some people, but it’s also a very big point in why the DYKA show is going on hiatus. YouTube has changed tremendously since DYKA started in spring of 2014. To cut right to the chase, YouTube basically doesn’t favor channels like DYKA anymore. I have personally talked to a rep from YouTube to voice my concerns about certain policy changes, and they’ve all but been confirmed. YouTube’s algorithm says if you want to have a video show up in search and sidebar results it has to be “at least” 10 minutes long. YouTube’s algorithm also says that in order for your channel to continue to show up in search and sidebar results, you have to upload at least 2 videos a week. While this doesn’t mean you won’t “ever” show up, discovery is basically non-existent for those who don’t follow this formula. I’ve seen the analytics myself: DYKA has gained fewer and fewer subs because of these policy changes despite 2016 being the most consistent output that DYKA ever had compared with the 2 years prior. I absolutely refuse to compromise the integrity and quality of what I do in order to “chase the dragon” of YouTube relevancy, and even if I had an entire team of people to release a video at least once a week, the quality of the videos would go down anyway because sometimes research takes way longer than it should, sometimes research doesn’t always yield an answer in 24 hours, in a week, in a month and so on. Quality over Quantity.
  3. Personal Investment: I said earlier that all of these elements combined happened around the same time for me to come to this conclusion. One of those things was personal burnout. Barring circumstances completely out of my control, the DYKA show has been putting out content consistently for 3 solid years. But the thing is, it has been the same style and flow of content. Some of you may not remember, but a “Future” poll was put up sometime in 2016 to ask the fans “If DYKA put out any other content, what would you like to see?” And I’ve had that in the back of my mind for some time now, but obviously, with the rigorous schedule of the show and life, I couldn’t branch out at all. Well, now is that time. I’ve been playing around with some different ideas that no one in the anime community has really done yet that fits into some of the answers that you the fans voted on. It’s also hard, personally, to put so much time and effort into an episode of the DYKA show (sometimes even including a voice actor from the show the big companies couldn’t even bring back), and it not break the sound barrier, when other channels the same size or smaller can sit in front of a webcam, edit the video in an hour and get as many or two times more views with a fraction of the effort. Combine that with YouTube’s algorithm, along with the fact that I can only work on DYKA in my downtime, and it’s incredibly disheartening, and also tells me that the DYKA channel needs to try a different format of video that won’t compromise the quality of the DYKA brand while also being fresh and different. “But didn’t you just say above you won’t change what you do just to appease YouTube?” Yes I did, hence why I’m working on other videos for the DYKA channel that won’t affect the main show. I personally want to do more than the DYKA show (I always have), but I also know what the DYKA show is, and what it’s not, and when someone sees a DYKA video they have a certain expectation, as do I. That’s why all of these other projects will be under a new label, but still on the DYKA channel and still relevant to what the DYKA channel represents: facts on anime.

I want to again thank you all for supporting DYKA over the years. It’s been a real rollercoaster, but we’re still here, the carnival isn’t over yet, and we hope that when the next couple of rides go up, you’ll like them just as much as the old ones.

- Mike