Important update for next week!
Hey guys, I just want to take this time to tell you guys what's going to happen over the next 2 days. Please note that I'm not going to be able to do anything after around noon on Friday all the way 'till the 11th, so I'm going to be charging you guys for that week slightly ahead of schedule in order to compensate. Don't worry, you're not going to be charged any more than normal, and everything's okay.
Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per creation
Pledge $0.01 or more per creation
Patrons Only
Sparkling Water
$2 or more per creation
You'll keep me happy in desperate times of need... but I'll be thinking about vanilla coke.

With this tier, you get my show most recent reactions a whole 2 days early! You get to look at my mug a whole 48 hours ahead of everybody else!

Diet Coke
$3 or more per creation
Semi-sweet, semi-satisfying, carbonated happiness.

With this tier, you'll get early show reactions, as well as the ability to watch my old re-uploads and fan made reactions early! (In essence, you'll get every reaction early.) 

Vanilla Coke
$4 or more per creation
Mmmmmm... my addiction. Know that I love you and I'll never find anything as amazing as you.

With this tier, you get access to streams! I'll have them recorded and set to unlisted on YouTube, and you can view them whenever you want! You'll also get access to concept sketches of pieces I'm working on!

Vanilla Coke ZERO!
$5 or more per creation
It's my addiction without all the horrible effects of kidney death!

With this tier, you get everything previously offered, along with me telling you my ideas for the next few videos, and asking you for your opinions on what to do next.

Red Velvet Cupcakes
$8 or more per creation
People say that you're just chocolate with red food coloring, but know that I think you're special... you're also a vessel for transporting cream cheese frosting into my mouth.

** This tier is currently limited to people in the US.**

With this tier, you get a monthly mini-print of a tiny piece that I make. This piece of artwork will never be released to the public, so what you get will be exclusive to only you and the other supporters of this tier. Plus, I may use you guys as guinea pigs for other things like buttons, pins, and stickers!

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