Important Production Update
Aloha Team. This is an important production update.
I just want to let everyone know, especially the Team Patreon supporters, that my primary focus right now is on making and sending out all of the Shifter Booster Kits as soon as possible. Kits contain lots of hand made Shift Buttons, the Love Wand crystal massage tools, and the Crystal Wraps. All of which I make in house.  
Originally I was planning on having more of the kits out sooner in July, but schedules got changed relative to taking care of my dog at the time, and his passing, plus just managing other aspects of the project that were front and centre in the moments.
As it is, I am also putting out a request for backup for anyone who would like to donate single donations in this moment to help cover costs of the shipping involved with sending out the booster kits. As part of the team patreon system - we cover the shipping cost for each kit sent out. Additional one off donations from community supporters to support covering these specific costs would be greatly appreciated.
As mentioned before - the project is slowly rising drop by drop through the success of the team patreon. And as we patiently maintain our commitment, the eventually goal will be to have an ongoing supply of Free Shift Buttons available for members in the community to use as active real world Quest Items to help accelerate the shift in consciousness.  
So if you are someone who supports the vision of the Paradigm Shift Central project - the ongoing free conscious media, events, digital space, and ripples we create for the community - and would like to contribute one off donations to help, this is a perfect time to do so and is greatly appreciated. Please send me a direct message to Brendon Culliton ( or [email protected] ) if you are interested. I promise I will make it back to you 10 fold and remain in your service for life.  
We are one. And when we can demonstrate sharing money as another form of alchemy to create more opportunities to shift consciousness - that is a very awesome thing. Thank you again and one love!

- Brendon