Important: What Shirts Do You Want?
 We have picked up a lot of new Patreon backers in the past week! Thanks for your ongoing support, everyone. Given the new interest in helping GN and the big boost in shirt-tier backers, I wanted to give the community an opportunity to pick the next shirt designs. 

Here are some options: 

#1: "#STEVEISM by Paul & Kyle" shirt 

Anvil soft T-shirt (on Gray)

#2: GN Graph shirt (in style of AVG/1%/0.1% lows)

Anvil soft T-shirt or Gildan softstyle (on Gray)

#3: GN standard logo shirt + LN2 back logo (that Steve normally wears)

Gildan heavyweight or similar heavyweight (on Black)

We may also work on some other designs!

"#STEVEISM by Paul & Kyle" shirt

GN Graph Shirt (AVG, 1%, 0.1%)

Standard "GamersNexus" shirt that Steve wears

136 votes total