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Impromptu Original song & music video!!!
HelloOOOOOO Wonderful person that you are <3

It’s been so long! 

Forgive me.. My life has certainly been shifting at the moment.. but in a very good way.

Here are some of the things I’ve been up to:

I participated in a 10 Day Silent Meditation course near Cape Town, South Africa. You can read all about my horrific experience HERE on my blog. Fully equipped with photos for any curious buttons out there!

I have been visiting my friends in Durban, South Africa for the last 2 months and doing some soul healing. Staying at a friends place literally on the sea, and doing yoga every day at sunrise. <3 And I visited a Chimp Sanctuary near the Kruger National Park which was INCREDIBLE and very eye opening… I can’t wait to share all of my recent experiences with you, and will do so by making a vlog post very soon, and also some blogs about the experiences I’ve been having.

I am heading back home to Canada tomorrow. It seems that my time here flew, but I am excited to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I'm also excited that I have a burst of inspiration for a brand new album which I will be working on this coming summer.

Anyway, enough chit chat :)  Here is a new Impromptu, OFFICIAL music video of a new original song entitled “Get This Way” that I sung acapella. This is the style that I will be moving towards for the new album. It’s fresh, it’s mellow and I am soon beyond excited to share it!  I somehow managed to record and mix my audio, and film and edit this entire video by myself. Horray!!! 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved creating it. And you can be sure that there will be plenty more videos like this one to come.

As you are seeing this video TODAY before the rest of the world TOMORROW, I will only be able to share the Blog Post that share the story behind this song then.  So check back on the blog tomorrow or sign up to my newsletter HERE--> for updates.  You can see what went into the writing and inspiration of this song.

As always… Thank you SO much for everything you do. Your support is one in 7 billion (or somewhere along those giant numbers) and I appreciate you every single day.

Thank you, thank you.

ENJOY MY NEWEST BEAUTIFUL CREATION! And please share with someone close to you :)