Improved Relationships

Parenthood Proximity Buff System Applied To Other Relationships

Have you present how Parenthood introduced that little buff Sims get from having a bad or good relationship with a family member?

I went in, and applied the same logic to all the relationships in game.

I was meaning to post it on MTS after my Vampires Mod but whatever…

What is this mod?

This mod will make so that every decision you take will have (mostly) long term consequences. No more breaking up in the morning, getting the bar up again in the afternoon, and getting married again in the evening… because the Sim you break up with will get a proximity buff around your Sim, as will your Sims around them.

Starting from the most neutral relationship:

- Friends and good friend get a +1 happy buff around each other.
- Lovebirds and up until Lovers get a +1 flirty buff
- Lovers get a +1 flirty buff
- Soulmates a +1 happy buff
This until they are not in a committed relationship.

For Girlfriend and boyfriend and up:

Nothing changes, but if the relationship starts to go down instead than up, they will feel bored. As it starts going into red, they will start to feel tense.

For married Sims is the same:

But if the relationship goes into dangerous red zone, they will feel VERY angry. 

A Soulmates Marriage gets a +1 Happy buff.

Special cases:

- Awkward relationship will feel embarrassed.

- Hot and cold have a randomized change to get bored, angry, flirty or tense.

- Enemies with benefits will get very flirty.

Broken up and Divorced Sims:

- In red: angry.
- With romance: sad
- Relationship starts working again: happy or in case of divorce very happy.
- Divorced friend will just get a small buff happy +1 "happily divorced"
- Awkward relationship broken up will feel embarrassed.

Despised/disliked sim: +1 tense
Enemies: +2 angry.


French by (Kamikosoma) - Chinese (GreenonionC) - Dutch (Terah)



Updated French translation

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