Improved Relationships - Cheating

So... This can be called an official release. 

This is a complete rework of jealousy reactions in game, with this mod, Sims react to cheating according to the relationships between the parts and the reaction changes if the partner is guilty or not.

For example, if Geoffrey Landgraab flirts with Bella Goth in front of Morty and she refuses, she will be recognized as Innocent by the Mod and Morty will not be angry at her, but at Geoffrey.  In the same way, the reaction will change if the Sim the partner is cheating with is a friend or a relative of the jealous Sim. 

The reaction in this mod are based on proximity, for this reason, the Sims must be close enough to each other for the proximity check to kick in.

What Happen Next?

New interaction will unlock, none of them is autonomous but one.

For the cheated on Sims:

- Confront Partner (Mid chance of success)

- Confront Other Sim

- Demand Explanation from Partner (High chance of success)

- Demand Explanation from Other Sim

- Fight Partner (No chance of success)

- Fight Other Sim

- Forgive Partner (Always succeed)

For the guilty Sims:

- Apologize  (High chance of success)

- Blame Partner (No chance of success)

- Blame Other Sim (Mid chance of success)

- Explain the Situation (Always succeed)

For the Other Sim (if they didn't know):

- Apologize (Always succeed) (Auto)

Successful interactions will remove every negative buff, and also, the hidden buffs.

If you do nothing or fail an interaction, the hidden buff will last two days. During this time, at random, the Sims will remember that there was an unsolved problem between them.

Special Case:

If the Sims involved in the jealousy reaction have all a romance between them, a special interaction "Ask to be trouple" will unlock. Performing it with both the other two Sims will give all of them the player trait.

Other Interactions:

- Promise to be faithful: will track if the Sim is in fact faithful, in case of cheating, will unlock the opportunity to confess it. There is another similar interaction under mischief, that will give the tracking only to the target.

- Express Love: just this.

- Ask to be Lover: a consentient lover reaction will change in case of being caught.

On a Separate Package for people who use no strings WooHoo or WW:

- Ask to be Sex Friends.

All the agreement between the parts can be cancelled with other interactions.

The Package "No Walk Away" will stop the jealous sim from walking away from the partner cheating on them.

The Package "No Shy First Kiss" replaces the first kiss animation with the normal kiss animation.

Let me know if something doesn't work as it should!

UPDATED 12-10-2019

FIXED missing interactions

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