Improved Initiative v0.7.1
I've just deployed an update with the following new features:

Advanced Tags!

You can now set durations on tags to track timed effects "Stunned until the end of Orc 2's next turn," or "Enlarged until the start of Ellumyr's turn in 10 rounds."

What's next?

With this tutorial and the Patreon campaign off to a good start, I'm setting my sights on the next attainable goal. Many of my users have asked for a better way to handle their custom creatures, players, and encounters. I'd like to provide that to all of my Patreon contributors. If we can achieve a milestone of $100/month, I'll have the support I need to provide cloud storage linked to your Patreon donation. That means you'll be able to access your creatures and encounters from anywhere you log in.

Does that sound good? I'll need your help to get to $100 per month. Please share Improved Initiative with fellow DMs. Post about it on social media and annoy people at your FLGS.

As always, keep the feedback and feature requests coming. I'll continue active development and regular feature deployments as we move towards this goal. If this isn't a direction you'd like to see the app moving in, let me know.