The IMV Freedom's Promise
Captain Naia Sho'li and her scrappy crew ply the impoverished trade lanes of the Chay Drift aboard their suspiciously new, high performance Travandi class light ground-to-ground freighter named the Freedom's Promise.

If Chief Engineer Pikrin Burnsiddle is to be believed (and who wouldn't trust the word of a dwarvish space Viking on engineering matters), the Freedom's Promise is the fastest, best maintained ship in the region. It probably is, given his astounding memory for the state of every detail of every component crammed into the ship's engineering spaces. No layman's blueprint can come close to giving an impression of just how complex the ship's systems are in practical terms, but this handout made available to the ship's rare passengers comes as close as one can.

A good story requires a well planned setting and fundamental consistency. This very time consuming image is how I worked out various aspects of in-world life and technology. Steam turbines in space. Who would have thought, right?

A deck key too big to post here can be found at the author's DeviantArt account here: