In Astana - Kazakhstan
I've been to many places, from Dubai to Singapore, but had never been in  such futuristic city, with beautiful architecture, skyscrapers. Friendly  environment and energetic people. This combination of weather,  mentality makes it a perfect place, if not another Dubai, then definitely a place to be where you and the crowd are on the same vibe. Mixture of eastern culture and western design, as you can probably  see from the photo taken with one of my loyal fans, the building behind  me can make anyone confused as if it were in China or Mongolia, but  this is actually in Kazakhstan, from where some of the great charities  coordinate that needed help and support to our
social environment and  nature, hence one of the reasons me and my buddy from EDM Family, the  great DJ Costa were choosing some new destinations and places to host it, not to mention, we are about to perform at one of the stadiums here :).