Let's get acquainted!

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Taylor, aka codetaylor!

I have a passion for game design, game development, and overcoming obstacles with code. Since my discovery of Minecraft, back before the Nether was even a thing, it has always been ranked among my top favorite games.

In 2010, I was directly inspired by Minecraft to create my own game using Java and OpenGL. Over the next seven years, I was in a unique position to devote a minimum of full-time work to this goal. During this time I consumed everything I could about game design, software design and development, best practices, Java, OpenGL, entity component systems, event driven architecture, OOP, rendering pipelines, shaders, procedural generation, SOLID, design patterns, and so much more.

I also did absolutely everything that experienced game developers tell you not to do when jumping into game development:

  • Don’t start by making your dream game.
  • Don’t write a game engine.
  • Don’t take on a massive project with all the features.

While researching, I ignored each of these warnings on countless occasions, casually swatting them aside with my engorged, youthful hubris. In time, however, I developed not only all the anecdotal evidence I would ever need to support these hard won bits of wisdom, but also a much deserved respect for those who have gone before and the insight they bear.

There were many highlights on this journey, but the two that I am most proud of are a deferred rendering pipeline with SSAO, HDR lighting, bloom, and transparency, and an efficient, home-brewed, networked entity component system.

Ultimately the project was discontinued, but the sheer volume of experience and understanding that I was able to accumulate during the journey is indispensable. If I could go back, I’d still do it the same way, because I am now intimately familiar with all the ways in which not to make a game and, quite frankly - I see this as an absolute win!

Why should I support you?

Please support me if you enjoy the things that I am making and would like to help me continue to make them.

I try to approach all of my projects with a sense of professionalism. To me, this means dedication; a dedication to drive through the work that is not fun, new, or exciting - a commitment to doing the work that needs to be done to create a quality product. It means a dedication to the community to not just provide support for the products that I create, but to also design and incorporate new features that you request.

The Pyrotech release took six months of more than full-time work to design and develop. I worked every day of the week and only took a day off for Christmas at the end of December, 2018. I am being conservative when I estimate that it took well over 1,200 hours of work.

With your support, this is the level of dedication that I intend to bring to all my existing and future projects. Well, maybe with a few more days off - it’s healthy.

What are your goals?

I intend to provide full-time commitment, impressively fast bug-fixes, and a minimum of one patron-only post per month.

I want to grow a community of people who enjoy sharing in what I’m doing.

I want to achieve a gross income of $750 per month from Patreon patrons. Seven hundred and fifty dollars is a lot of money, and if I can achieve this, I will break even with my living expenses and will be able to feel comfortable making a full-time commitment. After taxes, I will net about $525 which is only about $4.38 per hour, but I will be able to do something I love doing - so again, absolute win!

When I am financially able, I want to upgrade my nine year old workstation.

I want to continue feature iteration for both Pyrotech and Artisan Worktables, incorporating features requested by the community.

I want to continue the design and development of my dimension / magic mod, Planeswalker, and include patrons in the design and development process.

I want to port my mods to future versions of Minecraft.

Someday, I want to move away from exclusively making Minecraft mods and return to where I started; I want to leverage everything I have learned thus far to design and develop my dream game: a futuristic turn-based tactical with a pixel / voxel art style and mod support.

What do I get?

I am always open to ideas from patrons about incentives they’d like to see. I’d like to hear your ideas on new in-game cosmetic effects.

Aside from my gratitude and commitment, I have a few things I can immediately offer patrons, as well as some ideas for new incentives going forward.

My goal is to post a minimum of one patron-only post per month in which I talk about things like the state of a project’s development, what I worked on during the month, what I plan to work on, things I’ve learned - that sort of stuff.

At the $5 Initiate tier, I can offer in-game cosmetic effects for my mods that have them. At this tier, I can also offer exclusive access to patron-only channels on my Discord server in which I intend to discuss and showcase the development of Planeswalker.

At the $15 Acolyte tier, I can offer everything from the previous tiers, plus additional in-game cosmetic effects for my mods that have them. Patrons at this tier will also get access to pre-release builds of my upcoming magic mod Planeswalker when active development of that mod resumes.

At the $75 Adept tier, I can offer everything from the previous tiers, plus additional in-game cosmetic effects for my mods that have them. Patrons at this tier should have their head checked by a professional.

Going forward, I think it would be fun to have a community development server that would host a light modpack predominantly featuring my mods and possibly others selected by the community. Not only would it be fun to get to play with you all, but it would allow some much needed server testing during the development of new features on existing mods, or entirely new unreleased mods, such as Planeswalker.

When I start designing and developing my stand-alone, futuristic turn-based tactical game, I would like to provide patrons exclusive access to the design and development process as well as access to in-dev builds.

What does my support mean to you?

Your support means the world to me. Having your support means that I can continue to do what I love - what I am passionate about - and bring you exceptional commitment.

Please, if you like what I’m doing and would like to be a part of my journey, become my patron!

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