In A Bind: RH + VG PC Replacement Needed Soon

How do I start this? These are the posts I hate and never want to do. (Before anyone asks - no, I'm not quitting. At least, not if I can help it. ) This is likely to be a lengthy post, but first

What's Going On?

Feel free to skip down to ways to help if you aren't interested in the actual problem - it's kinda boring.

I'm in a bit of a bind currently.

I need to start trying to replace this PC that I have - it's really starting to show its age.

There's a reason I stopped streaming the way I was before. There's a reason I didn't get a print done for January like I wanted. Why there haven't been anywhere near as many videos as I used to do ( You may have noticed that the Tuesday/Thursday videos stopped. That Dark Souls II didn't take the place of Remember Me ( Though, the main reason for that is because I needed to trade DSII in for money. ). ).

This PC is on its last legs.

The main and secondary hard drives are over 10 years old. The motherboard is around 8 years old. The CPU was refurbished, and is 8 years old.

The GPU ( A Radeon HD 5450 ) is about 8 years old - it doesn't even get updates from AMD anymore. Considered "legacy" ( You know, like the Vita!....I made myself sad. ).

All of these parts were old when I got them ( I bought most of them in 2013, except for the CPU, which I got in 2015 - and they were all from 2009 ). And they're all replacements ( With the exception of the hard drives. The main hard drive is the original one from 2005. The secondary is out of my sister's old PC from 2007-2008. ) for other parts that died in the original rig - which I got back in 2005 or so. The most recently released part on my PC is the single 8GB stick of RAM that I got a few months back - and even that is at least 3 years old.

It just can't keep up with what I do. Programs like Cinema 4D, After Effects and Photoshop hang and lag. Videos render at the pace of molasses. Fractals take days, even for small ones.

Those Curioos prints? They take nearly a week to complete.

Same goes for renders in Cinema - animation or still, it doesn't really matter.

Long story short: I need to replace the PC, and soon.

How? That's what this post is about.

How To Help Out

Method 1. ) My shops. Curioos, Design by Humans, Society6, Redbubble - I have quite a few shops available with a multitude of prints on each.

On top of framed, hangable prints - I also have a few T-Shirts available on RedBubble, as well as a plethora of phone & laptop skins, as well as smaller things, like mugs.

Purchases from any of these shops ( Which I'll list out in a moment ) all go towards this goal. Truth be told, this is the method I'd prefer people who want to help use - you'll actually get something for your money, and it'll also help me feel like I haven't wasted part of my life learning how to do this stuff :P

Curioos ( Gallery quality wall art & prints ) :
Design by Humans ( Wall art & prints ) :
Society6 ( Wall art & prints, phone & laptop skins ) :
Redbubble ( Wall art/prints, phone/laptop skins, mugs, cards, calendars & t-shirts  ) : 

As I mentioned - any purchases made from any of these shops all goes into upgrading the PC. Anything extra goes towards other goals, like hosting and software costs.

Method 2. ) Patreon. This one is a no brainer. The easiest, cheapest, and quickest way is a pledge right here on Patreon. Recurring or one-time, big or small, it doesn't matter - a pledge is a pledge and every tiny bit will help out. Plus, it'd be nice to finally get my first Patron after starting this up nearly a full year ago.

As I mention on the main page - you don't need to pledge more than $1 to get access to whatever Patron-only posts I may have, if any ( Currently, there's only one. ) Frankly, it'd be lower, but $1 is Patreon's minimum.

Method 3. ) Gameshow. Wait, what?

Well, not too long ago, I affiliated with Gameshow - a streaming software from the devs of Wirecast. I even wrote a small review of the software back in November!

It's $29 for a premium 1-year license. However, unlike most other services, that 1-year license is actually a lifetime license. Once you've paid for your 1st year, the software is yours to use forever - even if you don't renew the next year.

The only thing you miss out on, are new updates.

There is also a fully featured trial version of the software that simply watermarks videos that go over the trial limits ( Bitrate, framerate, resolution, etc. )

If you're interested, you can purchase Gameshow here , and I will get 25% ( About $7.25 USD )  of the purchase as payment through being affiliated with them.

Give it a try first, see if you like it, and if you do, use that link above to purchase it. Like the others, anything made from this goes right back into ReviewHaven & VenomGraphics.

That's All For Now

If you made it this far, and read everything, then I thank you deeply for taking the time to at least hear me out.

To close this out I just want to say: I'm not looking to get some massively expensive beast of a rig. Rather, I just need something a bit more modern with decent specs that can handle what I throw at it in a reasonable amount of time.