In Case You Missed It - Balthandar and the Scrubber's Swing
For those of you who don't get the short stories, here's the cover for April's: Balthandar and the Scrubber's Swing. It's meant to highlight the depths of Balthandar's character, one of Marceles' greatest companions in Into the Nanten, and how he deals with the demons of his past.

Of all the personalities from Into the Nanten, Balthandar is probably the one we all would most like to emulate.

Whether I did him or the darkness of the issue at hand any justice, I'm not certain. It's not a particularly dark story in itself, but touching on suicide and its effects is something I'm personally a bit scared to do. If you'd like to jump in at the $5/mo level, you can read this story as well as the others - but I would love any feedback you have on this one in particular.

Patreon feels like a safe space to release work of which I'm uncertain - so let's put that to use and grow a little together.