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In The Company of Strangers Now Available!
Here it is! Thank you all for your patience! And a HUGE shout out to The Kraken Collective  for their support!

In The Company of Strangers is a novel set in the world of Aerdh, after "A Matter of Circumstance"  and concurrent with the last third of Ariah . Included here are ebook copies in the following formats: .mobi, .epub, and PDF. If you require a different format, please let me know!

If you enjoy this novella and feel so moved to do so, you can review it over at Goodreads

Without further ado, here is the synopsis:

All Sorcha and Shayat know about Ma-Halad is that Ariah might be there. They walk through the tall gold grass with a skeleton of a plan, a handful of food, and lies on their tongues.
But Ma-Halad is ruled by The Butcher of the East, an ambitious general facing down impossible orders from the Emperor himseld. Sorcha and Shayat are marked the second they appear in town. Ferreting out Ariah under The Butcher's watchful eye will be no easy task.