In the "Creative Writing" phase...
Dear ones!

As I prepare for may Fall Dulcimer Orchestra Reading Class at the Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse in Berkeley, I am finally putting electrons to the page and pen to paper to sketch out my early ideas for an E Blues piece for 4-part Dulcimer Orchestra.

There has been so much dust flying as I convert all the physical copies of Dulcimer Orchestra Arrangements to Digital Downloads (you can check them out here and Patrons can look for pdfs and .mp3 of one of them in my feed.)

Your support is vital to my continued progress on all these projects and, in fact, as I look at the stacks of work left to do, I long to be able to dedicate even MORE time to creating and archiving these resources.  

By finding more people who would like to become my patron and have the combined efforts of all our shoulders on this wheel of progress, that can happen!  

And your response and feedback is also invaluable.  So I am both grateful to you and would like to ask for your help.

Can you:  

1) Give me feedback on the posts I am making here?  (You can either leave these here as a message or email me privately at [email protected])

2)  Can you recommend my campaign to someone who you think would be interested in the work I am doing?  Or, can you suggest someone that I might contact?

Every little bit helps!

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