in da closet again
friends, comrades, sexy flippin sexxers!

More updates!!!

What was NOT mentioned in the video was that after the New Year, we're goin full steam ahead into some larger-scale projects. That is my new year's resolution, and I'd appreciate it (as long term supporters) that you hold me to it!

Pawn Pawn Oversale is a the main one that we'll be collabing on together (Patrons and I), and there's a couple other larger projects too, but feel free to hold me over the fire or under the gun or inbetween the sheets to make sure this is the priority.

There will be other projects while that happens, but I'm also gonna make sure I stop taking on so many side projects (for other people), and focus on our work and the voiceover journey here in California.

Also, when I come back from Seattle, I will have several larger containers of mangas and comics from my past that I would like to share with you guys.  I don't need them (they did their job of inspiring/entertaining me), and I'd love to share the stuff that got me into creation.

Alright, gotta get back to it! I hug you all!!!! <33333 And again thanks for everything!!! We'll be in close touch. mmmmmmmmmmm