In Defence of FREEDOM!!!
Episode 870   On of the most fundamental freedoms we have in America, is free speech!!!  Our great republic was founded on the idea that men and women have the freedom to speak their minds!!!  All of our other God given rights hing on our ability to engage in civil public discourse!!!

 There is a movement today that started back in the early 1900's to use the law to quell political speech.  And in using the laws to limit free speech , those folks created the idea that if you allow someone to speak their mind, then you must also agree with that person.  If that were the case, no one would know what they stood for in the first place!!!  I support everyone's freedom of speech, even when I would spend the rest of my life opposing what was said!!!

 The anti-freedom groups are using labels to try to silence those they don't agree with.  Hate speech is so subjective that you can't even qualify it. Calling folks Nazis, KKK, or any other label who are not part of those ideologies does nothing but foster true hate for those who are the labelers!!!

 Freedom must be defended at all costs, but violence must never be used to promote freedom.  Preaching the ideas of freedom and liberty are the best and brightest way to defend our freedoms and liberties!!!