In Depth Explanation of the Share My Haul Subscription Service
For give the long video. In summary, I better explain how I go about the Share My Haul Subscription Service, Ask about what you would prefer I do for the next Subscription Packets for May (that is the purpose of Poll).

Do you want me to continue checking my "Dirt Cheap", Wal-Mart, and Target (maybe TRU? maybe) Stores for Clearance Deals?

Or try the first eBay find for the Subscriptions (this is more risky for finding good deals for multiple people - there are 4-5 people expecting a packet of Lego) a bit of a gamble as to what you might get?

I go to my Bricks and Minifigs store and get the $20.00 Medium Bag and fill it with bulk table bricks (no minifigs, sorry). These are used parts, if you want this also comment on this post with at least a choice of 3 types of parts you'd prefer receiving. I will be looking for them for the bag to the divy them into subscription packets for May.

Also let me know your overall thoughts about this.