In-Depth Reviews: A Second Channel
We're very pleased to introduce to you, our Patrons, a second channel that is completely and utterly not related to our main channel: In-Depth Reviews. This is not a review channel, don't be fooled by the title.  We're also not going to charge any patrons for any of the videos going on this channel, ever. We will have Patreon sign-ups available on that channel, but it will continue to support 'CryMor' as a whole, which now includes In-Depth.  What I'm trying to say, in the most political way, is that you'll never see us stop focusing on the stuff you're supporting. If you're supporting us because of our base CryMor brand, or you are a future Patron reading through and you decided to support us because of the In-Depth brand, we will continue to produce the same content. For now, we expect that In-Depth will provide daily videos at 11AM, and see no reason to change that. It takes only a few hours of our time, currently, to produce a week of content for the channel, and is a healthy outlet for us to vent some of the frustrations that comes from running a more traditional channel. So, we're happy to provide the bonus! Let us know what you think of the videos below!
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