In Gainesville FL polishing Issue One, number 1
Hey folks,

I made this little video the other day, and already so much more has happened. I did meet up with Tom Hart at the Sequential Arts Workshop and his class full of enthusiastic young cartoonists. I gave them a sneak preview of your next comic (I hope you're not too jealous) and they seemed to really enjoy it. 

I just got the copy edits back, and I'm hoping to clean a few things and print some demo copies to see if it looks better as an 8.5x11 comic or a quarter sized (Do you have a size you like most for comics?). That means I'll have to wait until next billing cycle (the end of February) to send this out to you all. I could bill you now and send it out mid month instead, but I like to get the comics in the mail as close as I can to whenever the money comes out of your bank accounts.

On the plus side that means your friends have a month to sign up and get their copy of Issue One, no.1 a month before it appears in stores.

I have a demo cover for the quarter sized version below, you'll notice a lot of blood, and also a pretty low price. Usually most of you get my comics as cheap or cheaper than the rest of the world. If I do this issue at that smaller size that won't be the case this month, but don't worry you'll get a little something extra as a thank you for being one of my core supporters.

-all the best