In lieu of a video this week...
Instead of a video this week, I thought I'd write something.  Sometimes, words on a page are more poignant.  That, and having a concussion means I'm more prone to misspeaking than usual, and if internet outrage is any guide, I'm prone to misspeaking at the best of times.

It's been a difficult summer for a great many people.  One of the things I cherish most about your support is that there are many different points of view and many different opinions among my patrons, and yet you manage to respect each other in forum discussions.  You remind me, again and again, that it is possible, and you keep me on the right path in terms of what fights to engage in and what fights to stay out of.

I feel very strongly that when I have direct information to add to an issue, I should speak up.  If I have no direct knowledge of the parties or facts, I stay out.  My goal is always only to add to the best information possible on a given topic.  I have nothing invested in people accepting my opinion, especially not accepting my opinion 100%.

Others disagree, and that's fine.  However, my efforts to inform and offer another side of a debate have led to YouTube demonetizing much of my recent content.  I've appealed, but similar content in the past has had its appeals rejected.  So I'm not holding out much hope.

I'm just writing to assure everyone that I'm not going to stop tackling contentious issues when it seems warranted.  I'm just acutely aware of the financial penalties inherent in that ethic.

So if you can top up your support, I appreciate it.  If you can't, however, don't feel bad.  You're doing your part and, quite frankly, the emotional and intellectual support is more needed right now anyway.  All of this fighting is extremely draining, because I see the toll it's taking on too many people.

At least we have our little community here that shows that it is possible to have discussions that don't become garbage fires.  I believe strongly in giving a change to be heard to people who are willing to have an open mind.  You're helping to built that up.  Even if it's in a small way.  Thank you.

(And yeah, I'm making this post public so that everyone can see how great my Patrons are!