In Memoriam 06: The Fillid Servant
The Fillid race are refugees from their home planet in the Outer Rimworlds which was one of the early casualties of an unbridled mining boom. After stripping its resources the planet became a toxic dump for other illegal industries. The Fillids, who had evolved a symbiotic relationship pollinating the native fauna were starving due to the wholesale devastation of their flowering plants. Digesting toxic wastes was the only means of survival for the remaining Fillids who hadn't perish from starvation or disease. Most of these degraded into a more primitive species but a few managed to escape by stowing away on dumping vessels. These Fillids became popular as airborne servants, a few families even making the journey to the Hub where they service the ruling Control Lords. Fillids require no payment, eat discarded scraps, no housing as they nest in the ceiling of their workplace and never wear clothing. These flying garbage disposal units live to be hundreds of years old. The Fillid in question was approximately 253 years old when he was mistaken for an appetizer by Councilor Laobic. None of the other Control Lords claim to have witnessed the incident and so no charges have been laid. The remaining Fillids refused to come down from the rafters to answer questions, not that anyone can interpret their high-pitched chittering, so the case has been closed until a witness comes forward to offer their testimony. 

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