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"In the Moment" with JB Nettle - Chasin' a Feeling
Hi Cellobraters :) Happy Monday to you!

This just in, hot off the computer presses from JB Nettle based in Maryland. While attending SERFA (Southeast Regional Folk Alliance) as an artist and serving also as staff in Montreat, NC a few weeks ago, I found a few moments to hang out with JB. He invited me to be a part of his "In the Moment" series where he films one take of a song by an artist and then makes a cool video. While trying to decide which song to perform I realized that I don't have a good live video for the title track off my first album (2013) "Chasin' a Feeling." I know, thats crazy right?! Some of you Patrons were Kickstarter backers that helped make that record possible. (Eeeee, it warms my heart just thinking about it). So here you go! Some SC old school style for your Monday morning.

In other news, Maddie Shuler is on her way here to Nashville to join me for a full week of tour. Check out all the details at Don't see a date near you? Never fear, more are coming.

So much love to you, thank you for your support of my art, it means the world. I love you all to the moon and back.

<3 Sarah

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