In need of more Patrons
Hello guys, how´re you?

Everyday I´m working on at least one scene of XDragoon Animation. The layout above is from the 2nd Episode, from the over 150 frames I sketched for it (which will be around 2 minutes long).

Episode 1 video editing begins and this week the voice recording of it will start... Independent on reaching in the goal or not. But... if the support won´t increase, unfortunally the episodes will be made just when I can which can take much more time than I expect to animate it all.

I calculated it´ll take 2 years to animate, but if I can´t get  anymore patrons it can take 3 or 4 years animating (or even more).

What I requested is to people who like my work to help share this post and others of animation, to reach to more and more people. This way you´ll help me a lot. Just clicking on the like/heart button isn´t enough unfortunally.

Thanks in advance.

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