In, On and At, Introduction to Zài (1 of 5)
Welcome back everyone! Today we will learn a very important Chinese word, which you will almost use every day in your daily life. First, how often do you think you use phrases like "Where are you?" It is quite often I imagine. You will answer with responses like "I am at home", "I am in China", "I am on the plane" and so on. How do we say all these? We are going to introduce to you today the very important and useful word "Zài" today. This is a very special word, and serves as much utility as "Shì" does when describing things about yourself. In fact, in much the same way "Zài" is used to describe you in regards to location as "Shì" is used to describe aspects about yourself. "Zài" is so important we are going to cover this topic over many episodes, so join us while we explore this word, how it is used, example sentences and so on.
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