In over my head with medieval horses
I'm 20 hours into my next tale. I'm not counting the time I spent testing my hand out mimicking medieval lines, because that was just good fun. Some people, some weapons but mostly horses. Almost always with that far leg sticking out and the hoof dangling.

Script done, audio clean, list of needed art assets prepared. It's time to make some art!

I opened up that list again today and looked over what I signed myself up for. Wait, why so long?? The asset list is longer than Latin, longer than Longest Word... Was yesterday-me just being greedy and I can cut this list down? I'm going through it, and... no, this looks like what the story requires. Either I start from scratch or I take on the extra burden.

When I was at this point in the last video, I still had ahead of me 30 hours of art, 8 hours animating, 10 hours post/anims/edits. I enjoyed my story of how Hawaiian got me thinking about the longest word ever, but the numbers so far tell me I made that more for me than for you.

Do I want to go through even more for this one?

I'm ignoring that question. I have horses to draw.

(imgs: top Navarra Beatus, bottom Cantigas de Santa Maria)