In Progress: Suzy Spreadwell Chapter 2 p. 6 (20) Pencils
More in-progress of the chapter I'm currently working on, and probably put way more effort into that tree than I should have, but I may actually use the raw pencil of the tree (colored) in the final--a reason you don't really see much rough word balloon placement over the drawings as usual. There aren't that many lines on the page, so figuring out space won't be difficult as it usually is with my verbosity.

Also, final panel is a version of this panel I had previously drawn separately (and posted), pasted. If the drawing was how you wanted and you're inking it, why not just use it.

Inks will be posted later. Watch for it. (also the lettered version, but that will be patrons only, so pledge the minimum--$15, though any amount is appreciated--to see that and all other patron-only posts! There will be more over time)


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