In the studio bright and early!
Sheesh. I barely got downstairs at 830 last year. Now I'm here and rarin' to go like a semi-early-bird. (Hey I'm an artist. 8am might as well be 5am.) It takes a lot to get me to drive anywhere that early, especially in the cold. 

I've also been going to bed on time. And sleeping. And eating a little better. And turning my phone off a lot. And getting a ton of work done. All signs point to this being a life- (and by extension career-) altering decision. Things are going very well. :) 

Oh, yes, and those colorful little paintings in front of me will be on sale soon, first to $50 Patrons, then $25, and then to all Patrons before I release them publicly. Each is a test project for bigger paintings. 

Happy day. :) So glad you're loving the Dailies!