In times like these

In times like these 

I recognize and remember that being an artist is a responsibility, a privilege, an obligation and a duty. As a performing artist who lives a very visible life with principled convictions and a refusal to sit down and shut up I know that now more than ever before I must use my voice to stand up, fight back, RESIST.

Everyone must do this, for the sake of our freedom. For the sake of one another's freedom. We have to maintain that which makes our country unique, diverse and independent of a singular ideology.

If you're asking yourself what more you can do in this day and age, let me encourage you to put your money where your mouth is.

Support local art and artists. Buy your art, your meat & vegetables, your clothes, your music, from a real person rather than a box store shelf. Buy tickets and attend shows that celebrate the vast spectrum of people who have always and will always make this country great. Eat locally owned restaurants. SUPPORT FEMALE-OWNED BUSINESSES!

I have the good fortune of working with Susanna Lee (Lucky Deluxe) whom opened The Outburst Performance Gallery (@theoutburstkc). She is talented, fierce and determined. She deserves your support because without people like her, who are willing to work 18+ hour days / 6+ days a week to support their dreams and the dreams of others, we will lose the battle against homogeneity. We will lose the flavors of life. The sky will become a looming grey and silence will fall upon us as a people.

Speak up. Raise your voice. Fight for what you believe in by supporting the causes closest to your heart.

Here's where I'll be throughout February, fighting the good fight by aiming to bring us closer together by telling my truth. I hope you can find time to join me and support your local artists, craftsman, vendors, restaurants, entrepreneurs and the likes.

Be good to one another. We're in this together.

Poet Jen Harris


2/10 An Evening At The Outburst
2-for-1 TIX here:

2/11 Spoken Word w/ Jen Harris OPEN MIC

2/13 Love Stinks! An Anti-Valentine's Day Salon

2/17 KC Music Collective FAI Private Showcase (Room 739)

2/18 The MudStomp Records Room at FAI
FB Live:

2/21 Austin Poetry Slam Hosted by Jomar Valentin

2/22 Write About Now (Houston, TX)

Put your $ where your mouth is.