In Waves :: Natural Light, Blacklight, and Glowing in the Dark ::
~ In Waves . 2014 . 24x36 inches ~ This painting is sold. Ingredients: acrylic, sand, salt, glass, phosphorescent pigments, water and light on canvas. The images above are as follows: 1. natural light; late morning/early afternoon 2. black light; artificial uv in darkness 3. no light; glow in the dark For good or bad, this painting is the fingerprint of my very soul. I was in Hawaii when it began, over a year ago. He messaged me after seeing the photo on Instagram, told me this would be "our next painting." Pure, unadulterated, turquoise ocean. I could handle that. Layered is not an adequate description. I have no idea how many layers. Hundreds. So much of this painting was continuously covered over as I went along. I found it shifting focus with my mood. No matter what, I always try to keep working. I keep going through the motions until something clicks. It's important to keep the channels open. My art is based on intuition, experimentation, and time. Precious time. Time is the ingredient that stands apart. Time is what makes it special. My time. My life. For this piece, the starting point was beneath the surface. When I opened my eyes, I was underwater. I hand-painted each new layer on top of myself. I wanted it to be thick, and heavy. I wanted to feel the pressure of the ocean above me, the heaviness of being pulled under, longer and longer without air, not knowing which way was up. It was kind of like drowning. I didn't yet comprehend how much of my personal life I would be pouring into it. --> Click here for the second half of this journal entry ~ Reserved for Patrons Only:
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