In which the FBR staff discover that the universe.chunks file is legitimately useless.
GeO2: Oh, right, I tested universe pruning. With a fairly strong cutoff of one month, about 30% of the filesize is reduced.
mikypoo: wow
GeO2: Sadly, there were no changes to the size of universe.chunks. :/
mikypoo: Shame :/
mikypoo: I do have an idea though.
GeO2: Oh?
mikypoo: universe.dat holds the UUID of the universe, right?
mikypoo: My idea is. Does the universe.chunks file re-generate with all the current worlds in-tact if the universe.dat is still present
mikypoo: to hold the UUID?
GeO2: We can find out. There isn't much I can do to manipulate the universe.chunks aside from completely truncate it, but that may be enough.
mikypoo: Yea.
mikypoo: If this works; then that may be amazing. :D
GeO2: What the actual fuck
GeO2: It worked.
GeO2: I can't see any difference what-so-ever
GeO2: Aside from 16GB of free space.

Coincidentally, our backup speeds just increased by ~8 times and the estimated duration of our second migration just went from 2 days to 2 hours.

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