In which my famous handbag is disdained by my thinks-she's-famouser pup
You are looking at the Jones bargain basement: a  knock-off pup  from Mexico and a twenty dollar purse.

Moo is a year old and thinks she's famous.

You can't say the same about the bag.

Here's a screenshot I took last night from my new-favorite-show Feud. Hedda Hopper, as played by the remarkable Judy Davis, is carrying my purse!! Yes, her's has a yellow warbler on the front and mine has a ring-necked pheasant, but it's the same model vintage purse from the sixties. All the details are the same from the horn handle and green felt base,  to the three-brass-ball catch.

Now I have two reasons to thank Feud: 1) It made my thrift shop purse famous.  And 2) Being unable to watch it brought  my router back where it belongs  (which doesn't look a if it's going anywhere, btw. Neither the Russian or her rumored replacement "Agent Jane" have made an appearance at the safe house this week).

All of this couldn't be less underwhelming to Moo, who made  friends with an adorable Great Dane today. 

We need photos. I'm on the case.


Disclaimer: Miss Jones is aware that no such word as "famouser" exists. Her use of the word should not be construed as an endorsement. Famouser is not intended for household use. It may be flammable if stored in a room, garage, prison cell or Kremlin-like structure that is not well-aired. Requires a 220 Volt power source for optimum performance. Batteries not included. 


This post has been brought to you by Fear Sumo Productions. Anyone know why?