Inaka Project demo available for download

Hey hey. I had a really bad idea, to make Inaka project downloadable. Before you do so, please read the disclaimers.

  • Performance issues! Not a lot of optimization is done. It's an export of exactly what I run in my Unreal editor and you will need a decent computer to run it. 
  • Everything is broken and in a really bad state. This is an older build of Inaka project and everything is subject to change and improve.
  • It's only a small portion of the map. There are invisible walls surrounding the area. 
  • The file size is 550MB.
  • Recommended settings are all on high except for post processing, which look better on medium. For some reason on high it looks dark.

 Link to MEGA 

Edit: Seems like Dropbox doesn't like it when a lot of people download a link. The zip is transferred to MEGA.

Please let me know if it actually runs/has any game breaking bugs, I plan on announcing it again on Twitter and it'd be bad to release a broken package. 

For a little more insight, it's an older version of Inaka project. The current build is even more broken since I thought it was a good idea to work in Rainy Season and Inaka project under the same Unreal project file. I was figuring out what the shipping process of UE4 might be like and I figured, why not release it. Hope you encounter bugs and ugly assets, but importantly be become hopeful of the potential of the game when you see the nice bits of the map. 

Thanks for reading (*>_<*)ノ