Inauguration Feelings
This sucks.

I did not choose this but I have to live with this. And it isn't a matter of politics either.

It's that I am feeling tired already of all the ways I'm going to hear things that make me feel scared.

I'm already tired of all the ways this administration came to be the choice of a nation.

I'm tired of unwrapping and seeing others contort their ideas of who we are.

I'm tired of learning more and more how horrible our criminal justice system is...

I'm tired of all the ways our country is behind developing nations in healthcare access, in internet access, in women's rights, in basic education.  

I'm tired of the back and forth and back and forth that we carry on with--- all while ignoring the fallibility and humanity in ourselves. Ignoring willfully and arrogantly the history of the person we're talking to.

I'm tired of feeling useless.

All I can do is make more art. Hopefully art that gets better. That enriches the lives of my friends and helps to create discussion somehow.

Most of you by now know my life hero is Amanda Palmer... on crowdfunding she said this:

If you want the world to pay for projects, you have to be able to display why you're worthy. 

I just asked a lot of my friends for money to help pay for the various costs of making art. It's expensive to run this business and as one of you put it "artists gotta eat too" but I take this ask very serioulsy. 

I can only hope that I make myself worthy in your eyes.

Your support of me through the years and today is incredibly encouraging. 

Thank you so very much.