Inauguration Day 2017: Let It Be
Right now, this very day, it can feel like we are country fighting  itself.  All sorts of voices tell us to take sides, and that THEIR way  is the ONLY way.

But that is not the life I’ve seen. 

 I have lived in California and Texas, and traveled from coast to coast,  and in all these places I have met wonderful people who genuinely care  about each other – and who want to see the right thing done, for  everyone.

I know there are desperate people in this world, and  even some hateful ones, but I believe they are greatly outnumbered by  the good people. 

I need this to be true. 

I just finished  being a teenager, my life as an adult is just starting --- I MUST be  hopeful right now, because I am just beginning to take part in the world  that I will live in. 

This feels like a time when we must trust  more in each other, believe more each other, work more with each other,  and have confidence in the goodness that we see in most everyone we  know.  

Together, we can get past this time of arguing, and build a future for everyone that is more just, more bright.

I am offering you this great old song today, I almost always use it to close my live performances.  

It is an expression of what I’m feeling today, maybe it can help you, too.