Inbetween update about the move
With my boyfriends house for sale and me cleaning up my house, we were getting ready for our big adult step of buying a house together. Everything was in motion. We just needed to pin the finances of our new house. We had faith...

And it got shattered. Seems to be that my support income (I get a steady support income due to being unable to work) has the wrong label. I will not bore you with financing a house and the rules here in The Netherlands, but what I can tell you that it sucks a lot. My income is invalid for asking for a loan on a house. Which left us bummed out. I needed to get on black and white I would get this support until I 'retire'.

I asked for this paper that shows I'll get this steady income until I retire and I got something. Not knowing if it was enough, we showed it to an Independent mortgage advisor and he asked the bank with the most subtle rules for people in my situation. Our hopes were very low so they couldn't really disappoint us. It was not enough...

But we wouldn't be awesome together if it wasn't for our flexibility. We are forming new plans and ideas. We take or time to review them and hope to get to a solution. For now I stay where I am. I am open for a few new commissions! I'm not moving right now, so I have time.

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You'll get updates on my scribbles about natural dyeing. With the income on this, I'll be saving up to do courses and buy better equipment.
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