Incantations by the Arcane Scriptomancer
In the last few weeks I've made some updates to TokenMod and the Tagmar (Brazilian RPG) script.
  • TokenMod v0.8.23 -- I've added support for setting the image on a token (still limited to only images in a user library, no marketplace direct content).  I have some more ideas to do with that so keep an eye out!  I also added support for setting the controlledby on a token, with full support for tokens that represent characters doing the right thing.  You can specify either the Player ID, Roll20 Account ID, or Player Name (supporting matching) of the player(s) you want to add.  You can also specify either a Token ID or Character ID and copy the controlling players from it.   Finally, I added a system whereby other API scripts can be notified if TokenMod is used to manipulate a token. 
  • Tagmar v0.1.1 -- I changed the output to use the result names rather than the result numbers.  If you're using this script and want to see some other features, or you could use a similar script for a table lookup result system in a game you play, let me know!

I've got more in the pipeline coming up, definitely let me know if you have some particular needs or ideas!  Thanks again for being my patrons!