"Incarnate Symphony" - a poem
I think I finally got your rhythm
I think I finally get your speed
Now that your melody makes sense
I think I’m getting what I need

Though the music’s intermittent
The silence makes me want you more
Soon we’ll dance within our opus
And breathe the life into the score

Upon your lips, the resolution
To the discord we rehearse
Within your hands, the skilled allusion
To bridge the chorus to my verse

You’re the muse and I’m the mistress
When only I can hear your chant
You play it deep inside my core
You resonate with my descant

You sound like deep blue silk
Your timbre stokes my soul
To our dangerous duet
I surrender all control

You electrify my being
You intensify my need
You’ve got my ardor overflowing
For your mouth, I feel such greed

You thrill me with each note
Seduce with every phrase
Make love to me, reprise;
My flesh is yours to graze

You imbue me with such passion
You enthrall me with your voice
If you beckon I will follow
…As if I ever had the choice:

You’re my incarnate symphony
Your tempo drums my wild heart
You conduct a paradox
You are inimitable art

We slow dance to the nocturne
Edging ever towards release
You are the hymn within the fury
To me, a masterpiece




(c) 2017 Raina Thelen.  All rights reserved.

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