Incentive to overthrow ideas

If classical conditioning can get people to think long hair and dresses are feminine, and short hair and neckties are masculine, you have to wonder just how far classical conditioning can go.

But as with any phenomenon we observe, there are different ways to go at it. If a capitalist is preventing people from eating, on the one hand, you can physically stop the capitalist, while on the other hand, remove the motivation from the capitalist for behaving like that. Similarly, if existing standards of beauty can give you power if you behave in a certain way, you may want to exploit that power, even as you overthrow the underlying basis of that power - like Engels funding Marx.

It's kind of arbitrary to even assume that "getting men" should be a goal of anybody. People can be happy with almost anything, as any ascetic can tell you. But the key is the ability of those ideas or attitudes to become widespread. If certain memes are widespread but cause suffering, then there is more incentive among the meme carriers to overthrow those ideas.