Lots of rewards on the way! I'm going to start rolling out goodies every day or two. Jason's even got a few surprises for you. :) Funnnnn!

Check back often, and turn on your notifications! YOU could be next. :P

By the way, if you have NOT filled out your reward form, please do so. I don't want to miss anyone.

Reminder that the I'LL SING FOR YOU and VIDEO rewards are ongoing now. If you are a 20 level member or above and haven't filled your  current level reward form out since that recent update, please do so again so I can continue to reward you with mooooore goodies. :) If you're unsure whether you've done this, just do it again.

Make certain to fill out the correct form for your current level, cause I have to cross check and organize all that and it'll help me out a lot. Thank you!

1 Level Reward Form

5 Level Reward Form

10 Level Reward Form

20 Level Reward Form - ONGOING REWARDS

50 Level Reward Form - ONGOING REWARDS

100 Level Reward Form - ONGOING REWARDS

500 Level Reward Form - ONGOING REWARDS