Hey there, Patron peoples! All right. Despite all the forces of the universe aligning against me, I've finally (FINALLY) got something new for you to read. I'll be posting two chapters of the Star Wars crossover today, though only one of them will be marked as paid content, so don't worry that you'll be double-smacked with my donation cup. The first one, you see, isn't a 'real' chapter, exactly, it's more of an interlude that shows a glimpse of what's happening elsewhere, while the action is happening over and in Sunnydale. Since it's only showing things on the periphery, I'm not going to ask for tips on that one; there will NEVER be a time when I will abuse the kindness and generosity you've extended to me here. So okay, look for those two things today, and if all goes well, the next chapter SHOULD follow in just a week or two. I know I always say that, but I really want to do better. Hopefully the things in my life which are making it difficult to accomplish that will settle down a bit. Oh, and remember, on your profile you can opt out of random posts like this one, and choose to get only notifications of paid content, because I completely understand not wanting to see piles of spam in your inbox. In the meantime, while I'm working on uploading these chapters, here's a very short video I recorded a few days ago, while sitting at my writing desk.
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