Incoming Welcome Vlog and budget plans
I want to put together a personal Vlog telling you and potential Patrons about me, more specifically what I'll be doing, how I'll be doing it; what games you can expect me to be focusing on, how I focus on them and generally all about me.

I also plan to offer some transparency, partly as a feeling of insurance for you and as a thank you for being kind enough to support me. 

Patron pays out monthly and I'll be keeping diligent records of every dollar from my Patrons - this isn't money I'll be "dipping" into whenever I want to gift a game to a personal friend, or buy a game ONLY because I want it. I won't be willy-nilly blowing money stupidly and irresponsibly.

I'll have a careful and methodical budget and I can update monthly to keep you all in the loop.

I had planned for personal expense to come from this, if it ever reaches that point, but that too is not "frivolous" or "fun money", but LIVING money.

My goals are cumulative and what I do is not LIMITED by those goals, but if the sun, moon and stars all align properly, I can easily go above and beyond that with more videos, more Vlogs, podcasts and videos with guest developers, writers and more.

Look for another post and that Vlog video in the near future.

And thank you all for considering your pledge!