The Incorruptible Dredd - Amazing Comics #1

I finally did it. I finally became a comics boy. This is a new series that I've been planning to do forever where i make amazing videos about amazing comics. In the first episode I'm talking about Judge Dredd, baby. Not to be confused with Judge Dredd Baby. Commas are important. Otherwise you end up with Muppet Babies and Mortal Kombat Bab-alities and all sorts of baby related retardation. 

I've had this series in my head for so long and I have so many things i want to spew my brain out about when it comes to comics and superheroes and the like that I didn't really know where to start. Everything I write, I end up having way too much to say and wanting to encompass the entire span of something. So videos become as huge and long as my donkey kong dong and they never get finished and that's why it's taken me 6 years to make a single video about comics. So instead of opening on some massive shit show, I just wrote something small and compact about one particular aspect of one particular character that I like. Pretty innocuous right? RIGHT?

Well some people are already offended in the comments because i shat on their precious bacon boys (not to be confused with hambois) and slandered their holy /pol messiah, Fuck-Face George Zimmerman. People, get some perspective. No one cares about controversial murder trials or a dilapidated system of law enforcement that we all have to contend with in our actual daily lives. I'm talking about the REAL issues here, COMIC BOOK ISSUES. 

If you think my psychotic anarchistic personal politics are bad, just wait until you see my further opinions on comics. I'm gonna break the fucking world with this series because as I've been saying for years, nobody understands comics but me. (Literally, you can ask my friends, i say that all the time, without provocation or context, like a verbal tic, sometimes in my sleep.) I plan on educating the world once and for all, through brute force if I have to. But mostly through youtube videos I guess. 

What do you know about Spider-Man? What do you know about Batman? What do you know about Watchmen Babies? Nothing. Shut up. This is the new era of Endless Jess, the Amazing Comics Era. In the immortal words of Brodie Bruce...

"You think that just cause a guy reads comics he can't start some shit? I'll fucking take all you on!"

Stay tuned, true believers, for the next exciting episode of Amazing Comics. Coming... eventually. Probably in 6 years.