Index - the first 60+ posts
Since the Myotherapy Reading Room commenced in October 2017, in excess of 75 items have been featured, with more going up each month. These posts between them signpost  100s of recent information sources, including peer review papers and podcasts (standard items), together with recent clinical practice guidelines and systematic reviews (premium items) on topics related to the evidence-based management of musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions.   

The purpose of this index, and others which will be created periodically as the collection grows, is to facilitate easy access to the podcasts and papers highlighted via individual Myotherapy Reading Room posts and associated emails that members receive each time a new post is created. 

(note email notification re premium posts - clinical guidelines & systematic reviews - is only sent to members whose subscription includes that content, while email notification re standard peer review papers & podcasts is sent to all members)

For ease of use, this index is divided into several sections, each of which appears below.

  • Clinical Conditions 
  • Types of Interventions 
  • Underpinning Sciences
  • Special Populations
  • Information Sources; and lastly,
  • Individual Posts 

The numbers in brackets below refer to the number of posts in each category. To access posts simply click on the link/s.  

Please note that as the number of papers and podcasts in the collection continues to increase, so to will the number of papers covered within each topic.  Likewise, the number of topics covered will also expand. The list of monthly topics which guide paper selection each month can be found here.

Clinical Condition/s Covered in the Reading Room

Type of Interventions Covered in the Reading Room 

Underpinning Sciences and Related Topics Covered in the Reading Room 

Special Populations Covered in the Reading Room 

Types of Information Highlighted in the Reading Room 

Individual Posts
Posts are listed below in order of date highlighted with most recently added posts at the top.  The date following each post in brackets is the year of publication.

a) Posts highlighting peer review papers

b) Posts highlighting podcasts

c) Posts highlighting Clinical Practice Guidelines  (premium posts)  

 d) Posts highlighting Systematic Reviews (premium posts)   

e) Posts containing key information about using and/or navigating the Myotherapy Reading Room

Post updated 28/10/2018 to reflect recent inclusion/s.