The Latinum Course is an online multi-level and multi-media Latin course, that has been growing steadily since Evan started creating it  in early 2007. 

The Adler Course forms part of a larger suite of materials to help you reach Latin fluency, the Latinum Audiobook Catalogue. 

The core of the course is Adler's Practical Grammar of the Latin Language, which took Evan der Millner  two years of full-time labour to produce as a stand-alone audio course - vastly expanding the material in an already comprehensive textbook of Latin. If you want to master Latin,  Adler's course as presented by Latinum is all that you will require.

Some students have found that the Adler Audio Course is a good companion course to  Ørberg, or their school or university course. You can use Adler alone, or combine it with any other Latin course.

Why an audio course for a dead language? You need to 'fire on all cylinders' - and to speed up language learning, the dead language has to be treated - for learning purposes - as though it were indeed alive - to help you  make as many neural connections as possible. This must involve reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Few formal Latin courses spend much time on the latter two, which, to my mind, are the most important of the four, especially for a beginner. Also, classroom based language courses simply cannot provide the intensive exposure needed, and the hours of tuition required, to master a language quickly. Are you studying Adler alone, without a formal course? Then I highly recommend that you join the supportive community of students over at Textkit , or one of the Facebook groups for Latin students (These are listed on Latinum's Resources pages)  


Each of the 97 lessons is in 3 parts: ( except for the first four lessons, which follow a slightly different arrangement)

1. Grammar and syntax with extensive paradigms added to the text. The grammar is very detailed, with large numbers of additional paradigms and useful memory clues. Vocabulary is presented in advance of every lesson.

2. Model question-answer conversations in Latin-English-Latin. Here you consolidate your vocabulary, and learn the grammatical structures in use.

3. Slow repetition and fast repetition of the conversational material in Latin only, for review.

Once you have mastered section C of any lesson, it is time to move to the next lesson 

Adler's Textbook  on Google Books here. 

The Dictata (Exercises) on Google Books is here 

Carolus Raeticus' transcription of the Dictata (Exercises) is  here 

Carolus Raeticus' ANKI flashcards for Adler are here 

Adam Bushashia's Clozemaster Games are here  

This is the streaming catalogue; if you prefer to have each lesson segment as a separate audio file, I recommend the download catalogue .


Adler Revision Exercises (1-10) as a separate recording. 

Adler lesson one read Steampunk Style on Youtube. 



 ADLER  LESSON 4  1h 52m


 ADLER  LESSON 6  1h 10m

 ADLER LESSON 7  1h 37m


ADLER  LESSON 9  1h 23m

 ADLER  LESSON 10  1h 25m

 ADLER  LESSON 11  56m

 ADLER  LESSON 12  1h 27m

 ADLER  LESSON 13  1h 52m

 ADLER  LESSON 14  1h 25m

 ADLER  LESSON 15  1h 26m

 ADLER  LESSON 16  1h 05m

 ADLER  LESSON 17  1h 08m

 ADLER  LESSON 18  1h 47m

 ADLER  LESSON 19  1h 55m

 ADLER  LESSON 20  1h 28m

 ADLER  LESSON 21  2h 06

 ADLER  LESSON 22  1h 44m

 ADLER  LESSON 23  1h 56m

 ADLER  LESSON 24  2h 13m

 ADLER  LESSON 25  1h 43m

 ADLER  LESSON 26  2h 13m

 ADLER  LESSON 27  1h 31m

 ADLER  LESSON 28  57m

 ADLER  LESSON 29  1h 31m

 ADLER  LESSON 30  2h 58m

 ADLER  LESSON 31  1h 49m

 ADLER LESSON 32  2h 14m

 ADLER  LESSON 33  2h 28m

 ADLER  LESSON 34  1h 54m

 ADLER  LESSON 35  2h 56m

 ADLER  LESSON 36  2h 17m

 ADLER  LESSON 37  1h 55m

 ADLER  LESSON 38  2h 24m

 ADLER  LESSON 39 1h 38m

 ADLER  LESSON 40  1h 52m

 ADLER  LESSON 41  1h 39m

 ADLER  LESSON 42  1h 19m

 ADLER  LESSON 43  1h 12m

 ADLER  LESSON 44  1h 12m

 ADLER  LESSON 45    2h 21m

  ADLER  LESSON 46  1h 34m

 ADLER  LESSON 47  1h 49m

 ADLER  LESSON 48  1h 42m

 ADLER  LESSON 49  1h 51m

 ADLER  LESSON 50  2h 44m

 ADLER  LESSON 51  2h 19m

 ADLER  LESSON 52  2h 08m

 ADLER  LESSON 53  1h 54m

 ADLER  LESSON 54  2h 23m

 ADLER  LESSON 55  1h 42m

 ADLER  LESSON 56  2h 59m

 ADLER  LESSON 57  2h 46m

 ADLER  LESSON 58  2h 48m

 ADLER  LESSON 59  2h 18m

 ADLER  LESSON 60  2h 36m

 ADLER  LESSON 61  2h 19m

 ADLER  LESSON 62  2h 51m

 ADLER  LESSON 63  1h 56m

 ADLER  LESSON 64  2h 43m

 ADLER  LESSON 65 2h 34m

 ADLER  LESSON 66  1h 57m

 ADLER  LESSON 67  3h 31m

 ADLER LESSON 68  2h 38m

 ADLER  LESSON  69  2h 42m

 ADLER  LESSON  70  2h 54m

 ADLER  LESSON  71   2h 29m

 ADLER   LESSON  72  2h 32m

 ADLER  LESSON 73  2h 34m

 ADLER  LESSON  74  2h 21m

 ADLER  LESSON  75  2h 41m

 ADLER  LESSON  76  2h 23m

 ADLER  LESSON  77  2h 3m

 ADLER  LESSON  78  1h 31m

 ADLER  LESSON  79 1h 32m

 ADLER  LESSON  80  1h 41m

 ADLER  LESSON  81  1h 41m

 ADLER  LESSON  82  2h 14m

 ADLER  LESSON  83  2h 24m

 ADLER  LESSON  84  2h 1m

 ADLER  LESSON  85   2h 13m

 ADLER  LESSON  86  1h 37m

 ADLER  LESSON  87  2h 6m

 ADLER  LESSON  88  2h  24m

 ADLER  LESSON  89  2h 27m

 ADLER  LESSON  90  2h 14m

 ADLER  LESSON  91 2h 13m

 ADLER  LESSON  92 2h 11m

 ADLER  LESSON  93  2h 14m

 ADLER  LESSON  94  2h 5m

 ADLER  LESSON 95  2h 12m

 ADLER  LESSON  96  1h 49m



Dictata Review in Latin Only Part 1  2h 55m

 Dictata Review in Latin Only Part 2  2h 56m

 Dictata Review in Latin Only Part 3  3h 32m

Latin Only Sections from the Textbook Review Part 1 3h 5m

 Latin Only Sections from the Textbook Review Part 2  2h 42m

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