Indie for Breakfast Preview and Patreon Fulfillment!
Tomorrow's episode of I4B is on Epistory, a freaking


game that really got me hooked. I'm also slowly refining a new format that combines some of the edited format you'd recognize from the BFF Report along with the more freeform stuff you'd come to expect in an I4B episode. The distinction can be made easily as the new title card is the divider between the two formats. Let me know what you guys think!

In regards to Patreon fulfillment, I'll be doubling the Steam giveaways since we are cruising through these Patreon goals (no, seriously, I've been having to come up with goals at the last second because of the unanticipated growth!) and I'll be doing the first drawing later this week. I'll also be recording a Patreon update vlog after Thursday, which is when I should be completely recovered from this nonsense flu/viral thing that's been kicking my ass for the last 9 days, and I'll have had a proper haircut. The latter being the most important, clearly. 

Thanks again for your support! o/\o

[Edited to make public - Timed exclusives are now released]