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Indie Game Battle Report - Road/Kill Ep 04!
Miles' Kickstarter comes to a close in the next couple of days... to send it off with a bang here is the Steelback Smokies against the Bandits in a Border Dispute!

Thanks to all of you for making it possible for the help he got with the crowd-fund for the miniatures for this great Print-And-Play game. Having video coverage helped him get to over SEVENTEEN TIMES his original goal and unlock a ton of extra vehicles for his game. Having great miniatures for an Indie Game pushes it truly into the realm of reality and Miles is OVER THE MOON with us being able to support him. 

There's four days left to get some amazing parts and car models for those interested.

Thanks again to you all! Loving and supporting brave people making indie products is something you should all be incredibly proud of!